Thursday, 2 October 2008

Celebrate Cake

A short that was shot in a day a few weeks before Christmas to enter BAFTA'S 60 Seconds of fame competition...

Q: How did my film get through?
A: Your film was chosen as one of the best from your region by a panel of regional industry professionals
(North East & Cumbria).

Q: When will my film be featured on BBC local news?
A: The nominated films will be featured on BBC local news between Monday 29 January and Friday 2 February*. The times of local news bulletins vary so we will not have exact timings. Unfortunately we are unable to specify on which day your film will be featured.

Q: When does the Public Vote go live?
A: The Public Vote will go live at 11am on Monday 29 January.

Q: When does the Public Vote close?
A: On Monday 5 February at midnight.

I didn't fucking win... But I did get into the top five in my region, against all these supposed 'Pro's'. The final winning film was cack, so... Well I got on TV!

When I finished it I hated this short, but I thought what the hell and entered it anyway. Now I kinda like it because yes there are loads of 'let's do silent comedy black and white internet film' but none of them are funny or imaginative. They in fact are usually some teary eyed fool gazing into the distance and getting exasperated over nothing (usually a badly timed and acted out nothing).

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