Friday, 3 October 2008

Stockton Festival of Short Film SCREENING

Gari Sullivan - Has organised 'Clip: Stockton Festival of Short Film' a three day event which takes place from 17th-19th October and features national, international and regional film. It also includes a programme of workshops and talks on the different aspects of filmmaking.

'Supposed to Be' is going to be screened there. I love individual descriptions of the work because to be honest I find it hard to 'Sum up your film in 15 words!'. Others however seem to do it well.

Supposed To Be Justin Capes UK 6.00

A very surreal and fragment view of modern life from one of the UK’s most compelling visual story-tellers.

Should be a great event so if anyone actually reads this blog, I suggest you attend. If you haven't read this I still recommend you go.

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