Thursday, 2 October 2008

Suppose to Be

Supposed to Be

This is the latest flick doing the rounds.

The guys at are currently pimping this short out to all the lucky corporations and shows.

It has also won BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM at the End of the Pier International Film Festival and it was a great festival (obviously!) and a first for me. Talking to people though it seems people either really get this work or it made zero impact. It was really nice to meet such enthusiastic folk because frankly I was sick of this damned film it had taken me a year to make it and get it right. But some people really got it and had lots of alternative ideas of what was going on in the short which I loved to hear especially when some of the stuff never crossed my mind, or was there then got forgotten as a theme but somehow is still there.

I really carefully story boarded this short, everything was planned because I knew as soon as I started I would have to finish it.

I did pitch the concept to Digital City who had previously funded my 'Rustic Dreams' animated short. But the key members of the board went against me (reportly a 6-2 majority in my favour) because they thought I should stick to animation.

I love animation, but an artist is an artist and an idea is designed for its medium usually. This had to be live action, and I really wanted to do it.

I was gutted at the time but went along that evening to the Film Concept evening where 'Art is Alive' was being screened. The guy who ran the thing told me to 'just do it anyway'. Good advice.

As I have heard several times 'really the best way to become a film maker is to make films'.

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